New Hampshire Newspapers

Nashua Telegraph

The Telegraph, frequently referred to as the Nashua Telegraph, is a daily newspaper in Nashua, New Hampshire. It was founded as the Nashua Daily Telegraph in 1869, although a weekly version dates back to 1832. As of 2005 it is the second-largest newspaper in the state, with a circulation of about 27,000 daily, and 34,000 on Sunday. After being family owned for a century, The Telegraph was bought in the 1980s by Independent Publications of Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, which owns several, smaller daily and weekly newspapers around the U.S. as well as some other businesses. In 2005, the paper's owner bought the Cabinet Press, publisher of weekly newspapers based in nearby Milford, New Hampshire.

New Hampshire Union Leader

The New Hampshire Union Leader is the daily newspaper of Manchester, the largest city in the state of New Hampshire. It has a daily circulation of approx 60,000; as of 2006, the circulation of its Sunday paper, the New Hampshire Sunday News, was approx 70,000. It was founded in 1863. It was called just The Union Leader from the mid-1970s until April 4, 2005. For many years prior to that, it was known as the Manchester Union-Leader.