Indiana Newspapers


The Indianapolis Star is a morning daily newspaper that began publishing on June 6, 1903. It has won the Pulitzer Prize for investigative reporting twice, in 1975 and 1991. It is currently owned by the Gannett Company. The Indianapolis Star was founded on June 6, 1903 by Muncie industrialist George F. McCulloch as competition to two other Indianapolis dailies, the Indianapolis Journal and the Indianapolis Sentinel. Eugene C. Pulliam purchased the Star from Shaffer's estate on April 25, 1944. The Star had trailed the evening Indianapolis News but by 1948 had become Indiana's largest newspaper. In 1948, Pulliam purchased the News and combined the business, mechanical, advertising, and circulation operations of the two papers. In 1999, the News ceased publication, leaving the Star as the only major daily paper in Indianapolis. In 2000, Gannett Company acquired the paper, leaving Indianapolis with no locally owned daily newspaper other than the black-interest Indianapolis Recorder.

Lafayette Journal and Courier

Owned by the Gannett Company, The Lafayette Journal & Courier is a daily newspaper serving Lafayette, Indiana and surrounding communities. In 1920, it was established through the merger of two local papers, the Journal and Free Press.

Muncie Star Press

The Star Press was created when The Muncie Evening Press was combined with The Muncie Morning Star. Both were owned and printed by the same company. The Star Press is a morning edition newspaper for Muncie, Indiana and surrounding areas.