Iowa Newspapers

Iowa has diverse landscapes and communities, and its newspapers reflect this diversity. At the forefront of regional news in Eastern Iowa is the Cedar Rapids Gazette. This newspaper comprehensively covers various subjects, from regional politics and community affairs to business developments and local sports. Whether it's the Cedar Rapids municipal elections, high school football games, or updates on agricultural practices in the surrounding areas, the Cedar Rapids Gazette serves as a go-to source for timely and in-depth reporting.

In a state known for its fertile farmlands, this publication plays a crucial role in keeping urban and rural communities well-informed. The Cedar Rapids Gazette has built a reputation for journalistic integrity and depth, making it an essential source of information for residents in the Hawkeye State.

Cedar Rapids Gazette

The Cedar Rapids Gazette is the trusted voice of Eastern Iowa, delivering in-depth reports on local politics, business developments, and cultural events. Stay connected with our comprehensive Cedar Rapids community affairs coverage, public safety updates, and high school sports. Dive into our editorial insights and join a readership that values integrity and local news that matters. Subscribe today for journalism that speaks to the Cedar Rapids spirit.

Waterloo Courier

The Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier is a daily newspaper published by Lee Enterprises for people living in Waterloo and Cedar Falls, Iowa as well as surrounding areas. The first issue of The Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier was published on November 22, 1859, by WH Hartman and George Ingersoll.[2] The Courier changed to a daily newspaper in 1890, publishing in the afternoon every day except Saturday. In spring 2004, a Saturday morning edition was added.