Maine Newspapers

Maine, celebrated for its awe-inspiring coastlines and delicious seafood, boasts a variety of newspapers that cover the state's multifaceted interests. Chief among these is the Bangor Daily News, which serves the needs of central and northern Maine. This publication is especially known for its coverage of Maine's iconic outdoor lifestyle, from hiking on the Appalachian Trail to boating along the state's intricate waterways. Whether it's local politics, community events, or updates on the state's bustling lobster industry, the Bangor Daily News offers comprehensive reporting to keep residents and visitors well-informed.

Through its exhaustive coverage, the Bangor Daily News stands as an essential source of information in the Pine Tree State, touching on everything from its maritime industries to its stunning natural beauty.

Bangor Daily News

The Bangor Daily News is a family-owned American newspaper based in Bangor, Maine covering a significant portion of rural Maine, published six days per week. The paper is in its fourth generation of ownership since it was founded in 1889 by the great-grandfather of the current publisher, Richard J. Warren. The Bangor Daily News was established on June 18, 1889; it combined with the Bangor Whig and Courier in 1900. The Bangor Daily News features news, business, sports, living, entertainment, and more. The paper also has themed special sections include the four-part Perspective series each April, highlighting regional business, and the Experience Maine trio of sections, with summer, fall and winter editions. The current publisher of the Bangor Daily News is Richard J. Warren and the editor is Michael Dowd. The Daily News distributes on average 45,180 on weekdays and 52,695 on weekends as of 2012. Headquarters are located in Bangor, Maine on Main Street.